Top Viral Videos - June 2010


I love the internet and viral videos. It seems to me that lately, one of my friends posts a new viral video on Facebook  almost every day. Most of these videos are so entertaining and hilarious that I just can't help but pass them on to more of my friends. I must say that I truly belong to the new viral video generation.

For anyone who doesn’t know, viral videos are popular and often humorous or shocking video clips that are spread around the internet. They are called viral videos because they spread quickly around the internet on social networks like Facebook or Twitter or on video sharing websites like Youtube in much the same way that viruses do in the real world.

Although video sharing has been available on the internet for quite some time now, viral videos have started to become more and more popular in recent years. Advertisers and large corporations have latched onto this concept as they have come to realize the power of free advertising and the internet. Advertisers and large corporations now realize that internet users will happily do their leg work for them. We, internet users, watch these videos and if we think that they are cool, funny, informative or awesome, we pass them on to our friends to watch. In turn, our friends pass them on to their friends and before you know it, a particular viral video will have millions of views worldwide. An virtual advertising success story. Brilliant!

Here are 3 new viral videos that were released this June:

1. Driven by Fun – Volkswagen

This viral video released by Volkswagen uses the DIY aesthetic that is very popular these day. In this video, a large slide was built down a stairwell in a Berlin subway station. People were prompted to ride down the slide by a sign that reads "Fast Lane". I think that this video is fantastic! To access top viral videos, you might need to unblock YouTube if it's restricted in your region.

2. Xbox Kinect

This is a viral video for a new, highly anticipated, gaming console. Kinect reads the body movements of the player and translates them into the game. This is one large step beyond Wii and will surely be a huge success.

3. T-Shirt Wars – McDonalds & Coca-Cola

This clever viral video uses stop motion video and t-shirts to get its message across.

I think that these viral videos are great but do they actually work to increase sales? In the Volkswagen video for example, only one Volkswagen is seen briefly at the very beginning of the video (driving the slide materials to the site). Will this video actually help them sell cars? I actually think that it will. A person will watch this video and it will make them happy. These happy emotions will be associated with Volkswagen and help to build brand loyalty. The next time this person goes to a dealership, what kind of car do you think they will buy? Any thoughts?

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