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The Well Dressed Chair

The Well Dressed Chair

I found this nice photo by Jouko Lehtola on The Chair Blog. It is called the Well Dressed Chair and it is a reissue of the Tank Chair. The Tank Chair is a chair originally created by the famous designer, Alvar Aalto, in 1936. The Well Dressed Chair is being released by Artek, the Finnish company that was co-founded by the Alvar Aalto, in celebration of their 75th anniversary. Artek asked several designers and artists to reinterpret their classic armchairs in a program called Dress the Chair.

I think that this Well Dressed chair is amazing. I love the colours and the pattern that the designer chose to use. In my opinion, this is a spectacular redesign of the Tank chair and I would love to have this as an addition to my house. What do you think?

Here are two other great designs created by Alvar Aalto, one of the most famous Bauhaus architects and designers. In the 1930s, Alvar Aalto produced several of these revolutionary chair designs with curvilinear forms including this one the "Paimio"  (1931) and the "L-leg" stackable chair with L-shaped legs.

Alvar Aalto Paimio chair

The Paimio

L leg chair by Alvar Aalto

The L-leg chair

Alvar Aalto often chose to work with wood. Why? Alvar Aalto rejected artificial materials such as steel. His material of choice was instead wood because, for him, it was a "form-inspring, profoundly human material". Alvar Aalto's use of curves impressed the design community. His designs are eye-catching and they are still distinctive in the modern era. Alvar Aalto continues to be an inspiration to modern designers today.

The Godfather Lounge Chair

The Godfather Lounge Chair

The Godfather Lounge Chair is a beautiful design. Designed by the California company, Skate Study House, it is a sleek and modern chair created out of recycled second hand skate board products. The Godfather Lounge chair and ottoman is an Eames-inspired creation constructed out of 7 walnut laminated decks with cushions on a metal frame.

Here is another Eames-inspired chair created by The Skate Study House. It is called the Stax chair.

Stax chair

What do you think of these Skate Study House designs? I love them and I think that it is great how they drew both on the skate culture and the California lifestyle to create these pieces.

Below are the two original Eames designs that were the inspiration behind the Godfather Lounge Chair and the Stax Chair. The creators of these original designs were Charles and Ray Eames, two world famous American designers. They are responsible for many classic and iconic designs of 20th century furniture and they are still revered today. The Eames focused on creating furniture out of plywood, fibreglass, plastic, aluminium and leather. In 1956, they released the Lounge chair, one of their most famous and memorable designs.

Eames Lounge chair and ottoman

This Lounge chair became an icon of the 1960s and 1970s corporate America. They also created this wooden lounge chair design which is also very famous in its own right.

Eames plywood Lounge chair

Which do you like better? The Skate Study House redesigns or the original Eames designs? Although I love the idea that The Skate Study House designs use old skateboards, I still prefer the Eames classic designs because of their sleek lines and simplicity. Plus, the Eames Lounge Chair just looks so comfortable!

I just wanted to close by saying that all forms of design are impressive and inspiring to me. I hope you enjoy these two amazing modern takes on past designs and that they inspire you in your next project.

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