Typographic Findings: Fat Fonts, a mathematically proportioned type

Design & Style

Following on the steps of Dotsies, FatFont is a particular kind of type- one that experiments on the graphical representation of numbers. Miguel Nacenta, Uta Hinrichs, and Sheelagh Carpendale from the University of Calgary have created an alternative visual reading of numbers- this is, recognizing a digit by its amount of contrast. So in ascending order, 1 would be the thinnest stroke and 9 the boldest:

For creating bigger numbers, each one of them is placed inside the other, creating a unique visual character per number. Also, as an alternative for variety they also created different font styles.

19 28 37 46 54 64 73 82 91

Now in the applications of this font is when it gets really interesting. Take this example of a topographic map- the numerical values of the map have been replaced by the new digit character, creating a visual density based on numbers. It's a very impressive experiment that translates numerical data into a graphic value, the result being an 8-bit look-a-like map. You can download the font here.


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