Typographic Love: MWM Graphics Type Experiments

Design & Style

Matt W. Moore is the artist-designer-illustrator behind Portland based studio MWM Graphics. His work varies from a wide range of disciplines, from illustration, street art and clothing design among others. This time though I'd like to refer to this typographic beauty he has created, a grid based type called Alphafont. Based on his bold, geometric and colorful aesthetic this typeface is composed by the basic geometrical shapes combined to create complex looking letters. That combined with the vibrant hues makes up for a very contemporary styled typeface.

You can get the font here. This version of Alphafont is actually another version of previous experimentation with type- you can see in the older ones how the design of it has evolved from a freer geometrical composition to this more structured version. Also make sure to check out the rest of MWM's work, it's just as exciting looking! Here you have a few examples, notice how the style of his work has a very distinct aesthetic that's the common denominator among his wide range of work.

Alphafont 2

Alphafont 3

Illustration work


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