Typographic Love: Dafi Kühne's Letterpress Posters

Design & Style

Dafi Kühne is a very talented Swiss designer and letterpress printer who started his relationship with graphic design in his years studying architecture. His interests later on went towards letterpress printing, technique that has allowed him to create some brilliant pieces of typographic posters. His work style involves mixing digital resources with hands-on methodology, a combination that he explains as the following:

“I use both tools—digital and analog—through the whole design and production process. If I want to draw a line straight, I use the computer. If I want to draw a line trashy, I might draw it by hand. I choose and develop techniques to fit my clients’ projects.”

Needless to say, the results are quite impressive, a beautiful display of craft mixed up with modern design and typographic work. There's an obvious sensibility regarding the layout designs and how with such basic resources he can create such different and special pieces every time.


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