Beautiful Branding: Top Hops Beer Shop

Design & Style

Beer enthusiasts of the world unite! There's a new beer shop in NYC that besides of offering 700 of different kinds of beer has a very strong and amazing corporate identity: Top Hops. Design studio Helms Workshop was the one in charge of the branding project, one that aims to reinforce the artisan brewery and gourmet beers that the bar offers. Along the design team, architects, environmental designers and beer connoisseurs worked to create this unique and bold expression of their passion for beer.

The result is a beautiful bar that combines a crafted spirit with a hint of old school style. From the bottles to the interior architecture, everything has been carefully designed to establish a throughout consistent and bold looking shop.The logo design has this western look to it with subtle ornaments resembling the old school tattoos. As for the rest of the elements (decoration, notebooks, coasters) they follow up to this style with bold typefaces and retro ornaments. Beauty is in the details and certainly Top Hops has nailed it, an attractive little bar that relies on its passionate dedication to beer.

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