Cool findings: Data Visualization of Bike Commuting in Hungary


Overpopulation, overbearing traffic and not so good public transportation have contributed to the expansion of bike commuting in a large number of cities around the world. Such is the case of Hungary's capital Budapest, a growing city that is quickly rising in popularity. Following the requisites of what a cool city should be, Budapest locals have embraced biking as their go to transportation and KitchenBudapest's media research lab SubMap got to work on an animated data visualization of the bikers around the city.

This time-lapse animated map shows all the data collected of the most transited routes at different times of the day in the city. The result is an ever-transforming map that adjusts (in the form of blobs) to the most crowded areas at that certain hour, making it possible to see where the Budapestis are moving to. A total of 100,000 kms of bike roads travel is the distance that's being shown- all this information was collected by UrbanCyclr, an app that allows bikers to track their rides.

This project is a follow-up on a previous map created by the research lab: a distorted map that enhances the volume of a certain neighborhood according to how many times it has been mentioned in the news. Pretty interesting project that puts in perspective what parts of the city are more 'alive' than the others. Check it out:


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