Typographic Love: "I Can't Draw Animals"


Some of you may be familiar with those old TV shows (I'm guessing there were more than one version in the world) where a presenter would talk about animals while drawing them on white paper with a black marker. At least in my case, that was one of my favorite kind of shows, as the drawing skills of the presenter were pretty impressive with also adding some teaching in there- what could be more attractive to a kid? It was Henrik Kubes' favorite show too and he decided to pay a little tribute in the form he knew best: lettering.

In his video "I can't draw animals" he shares his story about his inability to precisely that, while in the form of the TV show's presenter- he illustrates his speech with a black marker on a white paper. He calls it his little contribution to the coming generations of type designers, a beautiful one indeed. You can also check out his studio's website -A2-TYPE- , they have an impressive display of their previous typography-related works.

Check out the video at the source [can't embed].

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