Typographic Love: Lumen Type

Design & Style

The current trends in typography are moving in the direction of intervened types, permutations or handmade typefaces; all this reflecting the general state of individuality where personal(ized) style prevails over the norm. Russian designer Ruslan Khasanov well knows about this and both his professional and personal work are testimony of his strong aesthetic sense and affinity for typography. His latest incursion is Lumen Type, a light inspired typeface that resembles the light leaks or bokeh, inspiration that came from a night walk without his glasses on.

This beautiful display of light in the form of typefaces is a great example of how inspiration can come from the simplest situations. Khasanov's impressive portfolio is full of these examples, where his natural curiosity is channeled into creative displays of graphic design. Make sure to check out the rest of his work, specially his typographic pieces that play with the same organic principle as this one. Enjoy!


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