Volvic, France’s premium bottled water brand, get a new logo and look

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Volvic, the internationally renowned mineral water distributor from France, has announced that they are launching their biggest ever logo and packaging redesign.  How exciting!! I love logo redesigns and new identity campaigns. Their new stylized logo and packaging will appear in stores this month and the next as Volvic also gears up for a massive multi-platform advertising campaign. 

The global brand consulting firm Landor Associates was hired by Volvic to create their new branding and advertising campaign. They were asked by Volvic to create a new identity for their brand that was more modern, fresh and that really made them stand out from their competition. The new design needed to work on all of the brand’s products including their Juiced Drinks and Touch of Fruit Beverages. 

Old Volvic Logo:

New Volvic Logo:

So, how did Landor Associates do? 

Their new logo took the old volcano graphic from their original packaging and moved it up front and center. The volcano graphic was enlarged and redrawn with more detail and definition. Gone is the old packaging that was centered on the color blue. The new packaging uses green as the dominant color, which is something totally new and unheard of in the bottled water business. 

Personally, at first the color change threw me. I have always associated blue with water and the color blue really seems to jive with anyone in the water business. Blue is cool, refreshing and calming whereas green is a little more abrupt. I do associate green with the environment, eco-friendly products and nature though which are obviously two of the main sentiments that they are trying to invoke in their customers by using green in their logo and packaging. Volvic’s old logo does look a little tired and traditional so even though I am not a huge fan of all the emphasis that they have put on the green volcano, I do think that this new logo design is more modern and ‘fresh’ when compared to their old logo design. 

Maybe I just need a little time to get used to something new but I am having a hard time warming up to their new logo as it appears on their bottled water. I do however like how their new logo looks across their other line of products. When the new green volcano logo is teamed up with images of fruit and splashes of color, I love it! I think that it is very eye-catching, modern, different and appealing to a younger generation of consumers. 

Overall, I think that Landor Associates did exactly as Volvic asked. They created a new logo and packaging design that is young, hip, fresh and modern. It is definitely different from the other branding being used by other bottled water brands on the market today so in that respect, Landor Associates did succeed. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this logo and packaging redesign but it is still a marked improvement on what they had before. 

Alastair Strang, Volvic’s brand lead says,

"Consumer testing has shown us that this fresh new new look differentiates Volvic from its competitors and has a much stronger standout on-shelf. 

But this is just the beginning. Beginning this autumn, Volvic will launch a £1m (media equivalent value spend) new 360º campaign across TV, social and above the line advertising to launch our new positioning."





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