Wegmans Settles With Walgreens Over Logo Dispute

Logo & Brand review

wegmans walgreens logo

Wegmans Markets is settling a lawsuit filed against them by Walgreens. In November, Walgreens claimed Wegmans was infringing on trademarks by using the Circle W symbol. They had argued that Wegmans’ use of the logo infringed on the trademark for its own “Flying W” logo and could confuse consumers.

Wegmans has not admitted liability as part of the Walgreens settlement. “The cost of making relatively minor changes to a limited number of products was much less than the cost of litigating this case to the end. We wanted to return to a logo we had used many decades ago," said Jo Natale, director of media relations at Wegmans. "There was never any intent on our part to make our products or logos resemble those of Walgreens.

Wegmans will stop using its Circle W logo by June 30, 2012.

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