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Which company makes custom 3d logos?

The quick and straightforward answer is Pixellogo.com. Pixellogo has started the trend of designing 3D logos and selling them as template, as well as creating custom 3D logos since 2003. You can see the realism and fine details in the 3D models rendering. You can see few examples custom 3D logo samples below.

Google search results may show many companies offering a 3D logo design, but after browsing a few websites with false promises of 3D logos, you will quickly realize that many fake 3D logo designers don't create or deliver what they promise. They are simply trying to sell a logo with a gradient and some basic tricks to make the logo look like it has depth but that is not real 3D.


Where can I buy 3D logos online?

Pixellogo.com, here are few examples of 3D logos thats designed and sold in pixellogo catalog.



What is a 3D logo?

A 3D logo is a logo design that's created in a 3D Software; it has depth, the ability to be viewed from any angle, rotated, animated and it looks real, with all sorts of materials such as metallics like gold or steel or other textures as plastic or stone and just about any real-life materials and anything that can be imagined. See Examples below in Static and animated 3D logo.

3D logoanimated 3D logo


What is a fake 3D logo?

A flat 2d logo that does not have real depth or dimension. A fake 3d logo can only be viewed from one angle. If you are not sure if you are getting a true 3d or a fake one, ask the company or the designer if the logo can be rotated in 360 degrees or viewed from a different angle to see the actual depth of the logo logo.

Fake 3D logosExamples of fake 3D logos.

Are 3d logos a good idea?

Yes, but it is not necessary for every type of business. It's also important to ask yourself why you think you need a 3D logo. If you believe your Flat vector logo has design problems and 3D will fix these issue, you are mistaken. Your logo should be working well as a 2D logo first, and if you do have some marketing plan or you will be displaying your company logo at a show, and you want to enhance your brand and make a stronger statement, then it would be a good idea to get a 3D logo.

Where can I use a 3D logo?

Almost everywhere! You can use it on your free PowerPoint design templates, business cards, web, social media, Video presentations, Tv commercials, Magazine Ads, Trade shows, and anywhere the logo can be printed in color.


Where 3D logo cannot be used?

You can't use it for engraving or embroidery on clothing, and not recommended for t-shirt printing, although some t-shirt printers do a great job.


Is there an online 3D logo maker?

Nope! There are none! Why? Because creating an actual 3D logo requires professional 3D software, a powerful computer, and a professional 3D designer to create a proper 3D logo. Every other company that claims they have an online 3D logo maker is just a plain lie. There are no quick shortcuts for good 3D symbols. To produce a well-designed one takes time and know-how.

Can a 3D logo be animated?

Yes! That's the real difference between a real 3D logo and a fake 3D logo. You can see below examples of custom 3D logos designed and animated by Pixellogo.com.

Animated logo, logo animation, loop animation, gif animation
Animated logo, logo animation, loop animation, gif animation
Animated logo, logo animation, loop animation, gif animation

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