Wishful Thinking: Wikipedia's Makeover

Design & Style

In the past few weeks we've been getting some quite memorable makeovers from renowned brands, but one new look that I wish would come true is the one created by Lithuanian creative agency New!, a makeover for none other than Web titan Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites ever and is without a doubt one of the foundational pillars of global knowledge today, where contributors and readers meet. This re-design comes as a self promoted experiment by the agency and I have to admit it is pretty darn good. They've called it Wikipedia Redefined and although it won't come to see the light of day anytime soon, it is an interesting example of how the whole community and interaction of Wikipedia can be re-thought of. They explain their entire process in the aforementioned website in a very clear and illustrative manner, matching the forwardness and simplicity they're aiming for with the new design.

Their basic statement is to strip down the current Wikipedia look to its basics, the W. The Wikipedia name is divided between the prefix in italic and then combining with the different branches that compose the completion of the website. In the visual aspect, they're composed by the simplest elements for cleanness and accessibility. That's how they came up with different categories, each with a color assigned and their respective name- thus creating a consistent structure that's seen throughout all the categories. This initial structural change of Wikipedia leads the way to the website re design itself, coming up with a much cleaner and intuitive interaction.

For more details about the redesign go check out their website, it's a great source of inspiration of a modern and efficient design that we can only wish would come true. Awesome work!



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