11 Amazing Designs that use Foil Blocking


Are you looking to spice up your business card or brochure designs?  Do you want them to have more pop and leave a more lasting impression on your clients? Foil blocking is an excellent printing technique that can bring your designs to life and give it that distinctive punch that you have been looking for.

Foil blocking is a very special printing finish whereby a thin layer of metallic foil is added to a specific area of your design. Foil blocking is available in a huge range of colours and textures including the most common gold, silver and magenta foils.

Mostly used on stationery and other promotional materials such as brochures and corporate invitations, foil blocking can be added to just about any element in your design. Some people add foil blocking to their logo while others add foil blocking to a very particular element in their design. Some people even combine foil blocking with embossing to create an even more striking 3D design. Regardless of where you decide to add foil blocking, it invariably adds an element of quality and professionalism to your designs.

Here are some amazing examples of business cards, brochures, books and corporate invitations that all use foil blocking. I hope that they both rouse and inspire creative side.

silver foil business cards

Photographer Rick Schofield adds silver foil blocking to his beautiful business card design (via veryownstudio.com).

woodlands business cards with blue foil blocking

Woodlands Equity adds cyan foil blocking to their business cards.

Todd Christmas Cards 2009

Gold and black foil Christmas cards created by Sort Design.

blue foil added to business card design

Adding foil blocking to an element of your design will definitely make it stick out.

Adoré Chocolate Packaging
The hand-made chocolatier, Adoré, gives its chocolate packaging a very creative twist by adding foil blocking.

Book design with gold foil stamping

Designed by Matthew Kemp, these two journals use gold foil blocking to help demonstrate the imbalance in the global distribution of wealth.

Silver foil blocking

Silver foil blocking on an invitation.

gold foil blocking

Gold foil blocking added to the cover of a brochure.

magenta foil blocking business cards

Magenta foil blocking adds a nice touch to these business cards.

Invitation with foil stamping

Cyan foil blocking on an invitation.

Foil blocking on business cards

Gold foil added to these business cards makes them look stylish, artistic, classy and modern.

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