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In view of the upcoming elections to the United States Senate this November, the Democrats of the United States announced their new logo design last week. The new logo was designed by SS+K, a New York-based marketing and communications agency. Here it is...

New Democrats Logo Design

This is the first time the Democrats have rebranded themselves since Bill Clinton's presidency. The new circular 'D' logo replaces the Democrats old logo (an American flag and a donkey) with one that more closely resembles President Obama's logo design and colours. According to Fox 4, the new Democrats logo design is meant to steer voters away from the conventional idea that the Democrats are a "Washington-based collection of gray-beards". Instead, the new logo design is meant to promote the idea that they are a "national coalition making 'change that matters'."

Chairman Tim Kaine commented on the new logo on the Democrats blog:

“I’m sure you’ll also notice our new look. Some may think: it’s just a logo—it’s just a brand. Well I don’t believe the Democratic Party is a logo or a brand—we are much more than that. We are Democrats. We create change that matters. Ours is a party of ideas and ideals, of policies and people, history and purpose.

So call it what you will—this new identity for our party captures the spirit that unites us all. Democrats—all of us—are working for the change that matters .”

What do you think of the Democrat’s new look?

I think that new logo is a vast improvement over the previous logo for the Democrats however, it is far from being anything exceptional. I do like that they chose to use a contemporary sans-serif font to represent their forward thinking vision but I really don’t think that there is anymore to it. It looks like a bulls eye or a target. It is plain, average and unimpressive. Both dull and mute. I would have liked to have seen something more memorable from a political party that is trying to make waves and change both the perception and direction of America. All in all, it is a welcome logo redesign however, I really wish that they had tried a little harder on this one.

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