Amazing findings: Star Wars iconoscope

Design & Style

Wayne Dorrington is a London based graphic designer and illustrator that saying he's a Star Wars fan might fall a bit short. He's been working for quite some time in the illustration of the initial Star Wars trilogy (from IV to VI) in the form of a breakdown of the entire movies. It is quite some impressive work and I can't even fathom how much time he must've spent watching all the movies to get all the details right. The last episode he illustrated (iconoscope as he calls it) is about 5 pages long and doesn't spare with the details of custom changes, scenes and different characters. And although himself says that it could have been edited down to fewer pages, he didn't want to leave anything behind. The amount of details he has put into this is actually impressive and I couldn't help to laugh at the Jabba icon. So for the Star Wars fans out there, here are some cliff notes on the initial trilogy in graphic design style! (Also the rest of his work at his portfolio is pretty funny as well, you might want to check it out too)

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