Beautiful Branding: Lyon's Cake

Design & Style

Working with a life-long traditional brand a re-design of it can get a bit tricky. For these cases there are a lot of factors to keep in mind, such as the history and original identity and to revamp the brand these are things that need to be considered to enhance the company's look. This was JKR's basis for their work with Lyon's Cakes.

Lyon's Cakes is a traditional bakery that has been in business since the 1890's. The re-branding process focused on its famous history of teashops and its waitresses from their early starts so their visual identity pays an homage to that tradition. Their logo brings back the look of the waitresses of yore in a high contrast design in shades of blue with ornaments that evoke the old school style. As for the packaging they went with a soft palette of flat colors that combine with the cleanness of the logo. They also make use of little details that add to the richness of the corporate identity, such as the use of curvy borders and crossing lines. All in all a beautiful display of branding!


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