Typographic Love: Alphabet100

Design & Style

Here's an interesting project: coming up with hand-drawn characters every single week, for a year. That covers both lower and upper case letters, and each week's task is to come up with 100 versions for every letter. Hence the name Alphabet 100, a fun project created by Toronto based designer Christopher Rouleau and that so far has completed the entire lower case set. The principle is fairly simple; for every new week there's an empty form that he fills out to complete the 100 small drawings to finally choose a version that will be translated into a digital illustration.

This idea is certainly an original way to keep up the creative juices flowing in your brain by keeping it active and coming up with new ideas no matter how small they are. You can also download the form to give a it a try yourself and see what different versions of a single letter you can come up with. I do wish the execution of the illustrations were better- I think there's a big leap between the "rawness" of the original drawing and the final results when translated into Illustrator. Either way, it's a great and fun project that surely keeps Rouleau entertained with weeks of typographic fun ahead of him.


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